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Sample Pictures The Approval and Certification Center approves and certifies certain mining products for use in underground coal and gassy underground metal mines. Technical experts evaluate and test equipment,instruments, and materials for compliance with Federal regulations. Products evaluated and tested range from extremely small electronic devices to very large mining systems. Following successful completion of evaluation and testing of a product, a license is issued authorizing a manufacturer to produce and distribute products for use in mines. The MSHA approval issued by the Center is internationally recognized. The Center performs other technical functions in support of MSHA's programs, including investigations of safety and health concerns relating to product approvals; litigation assistance on issues involving approved products; accident investigation assistance when an explosion, fire, injury or fatality involves or may involve approved equipment; identification of the need for technical solutions to problems in application of mining equipment, materials, and explosives; technical assistance in developing new or revised Federal standards and regulations; and research assistance to other government agencies on research programs that directly relate to MSHA. The Center also provides engineering support and technical assistance in the area of industrial safety.

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Joint NMA/MSHA Approval Workshop Powerpoint® Presentations

On May 21 and 22, 2008, a joint NMA/MSHA Approval Workshop was held. The participants requested that we post the Powerpoint presentations that were given during the workshop. They are below.
  • Approval & Certification Center - PPT or PDF
  • Electrical Safety Division - PPT or PDF
  • Quality Assurance & Material Testing Division - PPT or PDF
  • Applied Engineering Division - PPT or PDF
  • Mechanical & Engineering Safety Division - PPT or PDF
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