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Technical Support provides engineering and scientific expertise to assist MSHA, the states, and the mining industry in the resolution of safety and health issues. Technical Support conducts field investigations, laboratory studies, and analyses to resolve specific problems. Equipment and materials used in mines are also evaluated and approved by the Directorate. Mine emergency response capability, including on-site analysis and decision-making assistance for crisis management are also maintained.

Technical Support's headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia.

Operations are carried out by two technology centers:

Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center (Bruceton)
626 Cochrans Mill Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236

Approval and Certification Center
765 Technology Drive
Triadelphia, West Virginia 26059

Contact Information:

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Maps to Technical Support Offices
  • MSHA's Accident Prevention Program

    MSHA's "Accident Prevention Program" web pages replace the information previously listed in the "Accident Reduction Program" web pages. This information has been expanded to include not only accident prevention ideas, but also links to Agency accident prevention initiatives and compliance information. We encourage you to submit your ideas for inclusion on this site.

    MSHA's Occupational Illness and Injury Prevention Program

    MSHA's "Occupational Illness and Injury Prevention Program" web site includes health tips, programs, and material that can be used to prevent occupational illnesses and injuries in the mining industry.

    Technology Exchange

    The engineers and scientists who work for Technical Support are periodically requested to provide specialized technical training for the mining community. These sessions can be general, or focused to a special commodity such as coal mining, gold mining.