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Department of Labor and Industry
1327 Lockey Avenue
P. O. Box 1728
Helena, MT 59624-1728

Under the Department of Labor and Industry, the mine training program conducts mine-specific health and safety training for the Montana small mining operations. Nearly 90% of all the training conducted by the program instructor is presented on the mine-site. This allows the program to tailor the content of the course to the individual needs of each employer. All training is available to both coal and metal/nonmetal mines and contractors working on mine properties.

The Montana program provides mandatory training for miners and mine contractors in the following courses:

  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48, Annual Refresher Training;
  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48, New Miner Training; and
  • 30 CFR, Part 56 & 57.
  • In addition to the mandatory training courses, the Montana training program provides health and safety awareness and utilizes a variety of methods to impart the information to appropriate mining personnel throughout the state. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Medica First Aid;
  • Montana Coal Mine Foreman Certification;
  • MSHA Training Plan assistance;
  • Statutory Rights of Miners;
  • Trenching and Shoring Safety; and
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Training.
  • For more program information contact Mr. Bryan Page at (406) 444-1605 or e-mail