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Mine Rescue Contests

The following excerpt is from an article found in the Holmes Safety Association Bulletin for November 1992.

Mine rescue contests are designed to sharpen skills and test the knowledge of team members who would be called on to respond to a mine emergency. The contest requires team members to solve a hypothetical problem while being timed and observed by judges according to complex rules.

Metal and Nonmetal

  - For 2015

2016 Contest Rules

Local Contest Listing

2015 Contest Rules (Draft Version for Review)

  - For 2014
National Metal/Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Information
Local Contest Listing
2014 Contest Rules (Final Version)

Local Contest Results
  - For 2013

The Nevada Mining Association sponsored the 2013 Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Training Contest. The training event was held on July 30, 31, and August 1, 2013, in Reno, Nevada. For results of that contest, please use the link below.

    — Results and Videos

  - For 2012
2012 Metal and Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Contest Home Page


  - For 2015
Notification of Training Opportunity

The 2015 Coal Mine Rescue Local Contest Schedule
Mapping and Map Scoring Training

National Mine Rescue Contest Final Rules, Redline Rules

  - For 2014
2014 National Coal Mine Rescue Contest
Statement of Facts
The 2014 Coal Mine Rescue Local Contest Schedule
The 2014-Redline Nationwide Mine Rescue Skills Competition Rules
National Mine Rescue Contest Final Rules, Redline Rules and Problem Design
2014 Bench Checklist Procedures
2014 Command Center Attendant Guidelines, Video Demonstration and Template
2014 Mine Rescue Q & A
Local Contest Results
  • Harlan County Safety Days
  • Smokeaters Post 2 Bench Contest
  • Kentucky River Contest
  • NMRA Post 5 & WV State
  • Kentucky Mining Institute
  •   - For 2013
    2013 National Coal Mine Rescue Contest
    The National Mining Association (NMA) was the sponsor of the 2013 National Coal Mine Rescue, First Aid, Bench and Preshift Competition. This was held from September 9-12, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio.

    The four-day competition included team competitions for Mine Rescue and First Aid and individual competitions for Bench and Preshift. For the results and other information, please use this link.
    Final Rules, Redlined Rules and Problem Designs
    The Coal Mine Rescue Contest Scorecards
    Local Contest Results
  • Ohio Valley Mine Rescue, First-Aid, Bench, and Pre-Shift Contest
  • Kentucky River Mine Rescuet First Aidt Bench and Preshift Contest
  • Harlan County Safety Days
  • Post 5 Contest, Columbus, Ohio
  • Smokeaters Post 2 Contest, Lexington, KY
  •   - For 2012
    The Coal Mine Rescue Contest Scorecards
    Local Contest Results
  • KEMI Mine Safety and Training Competition
  • Harlan County Safety Days
  • NMRA Post 5
  • Southern WV Mine Rescue, First-Aid, Bench and Pre-Shift Contest
  • 2012 Price Utah Mine Rescue Contest
  • 2012 KMI Mine Rescue Contest    / Preshift Results    / MET Results
  • 2012 Tennessee Mine Rescue Contest