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U.S. Department of Labor

Mine Safety and Health Administration
1100 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22209-3939

ISSUE DATE: October 27, 2009


                      Acting Director of Technical Support

                       Administrator for
                       Coal Mine Safety and Health

SUBJECT:       CSE SR-MP Expectations Training Unit

Who needs this information?
Underground coal mine operators using the SR-MP Expectations Training Unit, Miner's Representatives, Industry Groups, and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspection personnel should have this information.

Why is MSHA issuing this bulletin?
This Program Information Bulletin (PIB) is to inform mine operators and other stakeholders of an incident that occurred during training at an underground mine, and to reinforce the proper procedures to use the SR-MP Expectations Training Unit.

What is the background for this PIB?
MSHA received a report from a mine where some miners received chemical burns during a training exercise while using the CSE SR-MP training unit. Eight miners received some degree of chemical burns to their mouths and one also had a chemical burn to his forehead after handling a training canister. All eight went to a hospital for treatment, were released, and went back to work.

The training units used in the incident were examined by MSHA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and CSE personnel. Potassium super-oxide (KO2) residue was found on the outside of the training units. After discussion with mine personnel and CSE personnel who visited the mine, it was determined that the exterior of the training units had been contaminated with KO2. This may have occurred when one or more used units were placed in the same container with unused units during the training exercise. Other miners had used the same type of training units that day without problems.

Mine operators must follow the proper operating instructions for all types of training devices used at their mines. The instructions, as detailed in accompanying Instruction Manuals, must be followed, paying attention to proper use, handling, and disposal procedures. Failure to properly use and dispose of the CSE SR-MP Training Unit can cause serious injury including burns to the mouth and skin.

Accompanying this PIB is a CSE User Notice reinforcing the proper procedures to employ when using this unit. As a further precaution, the manufacturer has begun making SR-MPs with a different chemical. CSE will exchange all unused SR-MPs with the new design at no cost to customers.

What is MSHA's authority for this PIB?
The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 as amended; 30 C.F.R. Part 75.1504

Internet Availability
This information bulletin may be viewed on the Internet by accessing MSHA's home page at and then choosing Statutory and Regulatory Information, Compliance Assistance Information, and Program Information Bulletins.

Who are the MSHA contact persons for this PIB?
Technical Support, Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center
Dr. Jeffery H. Kravitz, (412) 386-6923

Coal Mine Safety and Health, Safety Division
Eric Sherer, (202) 693-9523

Who will receive this PIB?
MSHA Program Policy Manual Holders
Miners' Representatives
Underground Mine Operators
Special Interest Groups

CSE SR-MP User Notice