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The MSHA web site is being translated through "machine translation" which means that it is translated dynamically (on-the-fly) through a third party service. We are creating dictionaries that are used in the translation process. If you see a word or phrase that you feel has been translated poorly (or completely incorrect), please feel free to send us a correction or suggested translation and we will add it to our dictionary.

Here are the kinds of items we can change:

  • Individual words
  • Slang phrases
  • Specific phrases (a few words)
  • Names (which should not be translated) *

  • * For example: "Joe Green" should not be translated to "Joe Verde" -- it is a legal name and should be exactly the same.

Please be sure to include these items in your e-mail:

  • The URL/web page that the error occurs on
  • The English word or phrase
  • The Spanish translation you feel is correct (we will verify)

Send your suggestions to MSHA's Spanish Web Site effort.

Thank you for your assistance as we try to make the MSHA web site a resource for all miners and the mining community.