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The Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center is located in Bruceton, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. The Center can be contacted at (412) 386-6902.

  • Office of the Center Chief
  • The Center provides engineering support and technical assistance to MSHA's managers and enforcement personnel in the following areas:

  • Dust Division
  • Mine Electrical Systems Division
  • Mine Emergency Operations
  • Mine Waste and Geotechnical Engineering Division
  • National Air and Dust Laboratory Division
  • Physical and Toxic Agents Division
  • Roof Control Division
  • Ventilation Division
  • The Center operates laboratories for weighing and analyzing respirable metal and nonmetal and coal mine dust samples and analyzing samples of gases, liquids, and solids to determine if health hazards exist in the mines. Respirable dust samples are collected by Federal mine inspectors and mine operators. Mine operator dust samples are weighed by robotics and computers are used to record data. Analysis of respirable dust samples is performed by using infrared analysis or x-ray diffraction techniques. The Center also maintains a mobile gas analysis laboratory that provides on-site mine gas analysis in the event of a mine fire or explosion.

    The Center responds to requests for assistance on safety and health problems at coal and metal and nonmetal mines nationwide. The Center may also respond to requests from foreign countries, if there is a need for their recognized expertise in a particular field of mine-related work.