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Evaluation of training within work settings can assist you in learning more about your organization. It is important to understand the purpose of your evaluation before planning it and choosing methods to do it. Some advantages of using evaluations are difficult to directly witness, but when done correctly they can impact organizations in positive ways.

Evaluation feedback assists in improving efficiency and effectiveness of:

  • Training content and methods
  • Use of organization dollars, personnel, and other resources
  • Employee performance
  • Organizational productivity

Through evaluation, trainers:

  • Recognize the need for improvement in their teaching skills
  • Are given suggestions from trainees for improving future training
  • Can determine if training matches workplace needs

For Evaluation Tips, follow these links:

Reference: Mallett, L. and D. Reinke.  2002.  An overview of the evaluation process for mine trainers. NIOSH Information Circular 9463, pp. 13-17.

Center for Disease Control For additional information contact:
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