Coal Mine Safety and Health

Coal Mine Safety and Health enforces the Mine Act at all coal mines in the United States. Enforcement activities include:

  • Conducting numerous inspections, including mandatory quarterly inspections of underground coal mines and semiannual inspections of surface coal mines and facilities each year.
  • Investigating fatal and serious nonfatal accidents.
  • Issuing citations and orders for any observed violations.
  • Conducting health sampling of respirable dust and noise exposure at mines as well as monitoring toxic materials and harmful physical agents.
  • Investigating complaints of hazardous conditions reported by miners
  • Investigating criminal violations
  • Examining complaints of discrimination reported by miners
  • Conducting safety and health conferences with mine operators on violations that are issued.

Coal Mine Safety and Health also approves roof control, ventilation, and training plans.

For each violation cited, operators may be assessed monetary civil penalties. Coal Mine Safety and Health also approves roof control, ventilation, and training plans required to be submitted by mine operators, directs various mine safety and health assistance programs, and trains and certifies instructors.

If coal mine inspectors find violations or other conditions that pose an immediate threat to the miners' safety or health, they have the authority to issue a withdrawal order for the affected area, remove the related equipment from service, and have the miners withdrawn until the conditions are corrected.

Coal Mine Safety and Health's organization consists of a headquarters office located in Arlington, Virginia as well as 9 districts with 37 field offices located throughout U.S. coal mining regions. Each district is headed by a District Manager who reports to the Deputy Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health.

Key Contacts
Contact Email Phone
Timothy Watkins
Administrator for Enforcement 202-693-9529
David Weaver
Acting Deputy Administrator 202-693-9522
Marcus Smith
Accident Investigation Division 202-693-9547
Gregory B. Meikle
Health Division 202-693-9523
Nancy Wilson
Management Office
Wilson.Nancy@DOL.GOV 202-693-9607
Stephen Gigliotti
Safety Division 202-693-9479

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