MNM Close Call Accident Alert Maintenance - Forklift

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Clay – A miner was operating a forklift when the forklift fell from the loading dock onto the bulk bag. The fork lift operator was wearing his seat belt and this prevented an injury or possibly death.

forklift tilted back front wheels in the air
Best Practices: 
  • Examine your work places for all possible hazards and correct them before you perform work.
  • Always operate forklifts according to established safety procedures.
  • Obey the safety instructions and warnings on decals, labels, plates, and safety signs.
  • Ensure that mobile equipment operators are adequately task trained in all phases of mobile equipment operation before performing work.
  • Operate equipment within its designed limitations. Slow down or drop to a lower gear when necessary. Post areas where lower speeds are warranted.
  • Always wear a seat belt when operating self-propelled mobile equipment.