Asst Sec Main speaking at USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference

Assistant Secretary Main addresses the USW conference
Assistant Secretary Main addresses the USW conference
  • Assistant Secretary Main addresses the USW conference
  • AS Main with EFSMS’ Rick Swartz and Ashley McAfoose
  • Attendees at USW conference
Event Date: 
September 14, 2016

Speaking before attendees at the USW Health and Safety Environment Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, Assistant Secretary Main discussed the roadmap that MSHA and the mining community have followed over the last several years to achieve the safest year in mining history in 2015. 

This includes giving miners a voice in the workplace; holding mine operators more accountable for the safety and health of their employees; focusing on the conditions in mines that are most likely to take a miner’s life; tackling difficult health issues, such as black lung disease; conducting enhanced enforcement against chronic violators and engaging in targeted rulemaking that address specific conditions or problems that have the most impact on mine safety and health.  Main noted that outreach to the mining community is central to everything that MSHA has done to promote health and safety

Main stressed that there was still work to be done to reach the goal of zero fatalities and healthy miners, and he urged  all to continue following the roadmap and build on its success.  For example, he stressed the importance of finalizing a rule to improve metal and nonmetal mine operator required examinations to find and fix hazards before they harm miners and addressing health issues, such as exposure to diesel exhaust and silica.  

The Assistant Secretary closed his remarks by thanking the mining community and in particular the United Steel Workers for all they do every day on worker and miner safety and health.