Special Initiatives

  • Far too many miners have been injured or killed in accidents involving powered haulage. The category, which covers the haulage of materials and personnel, accounted for half of the 28 US mining fatalities in 2017. MSHA has made the prevention of powered haulage accidents a priority for 2018 and beyond, with an initial focus on three areas: large vehicles striking smaller ones; seat belt usage; and conveyor belt safety.

    • The toll of black lung continues

    MSHA’s final rule to lower miners' exposure to respirable coal mine dust is a historic step forward in the effort to end black lung disease. The rule reduces overall dust standards in coal mines, improves the dust sampling technology and methodology, and expands the medical surveillance program to improve early detection of the disease.

    • Continuous Mining Machine Outfitted with Proximity Detection System

    MSHA’s final rule will strengthen protections for miners on the working section of underground coal mines by reducing the potential for pinning, crushing, or striking accidents.

    • Mine rescue training conference

    When a mine emergency strikes, every second counts. Well-equipped and trained rescue teams and effective communications can make the difference between life and death for miners who are trapped or injured.

    An annual outreach and education program to reduce the number of accidents due to mine roof and rib falls in underground coal mines.