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MSHA and DOL Officials Tour Cumberland Mine in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

  • Assistant Secretary and DOL delegation pose for photo in the hallway.
    Assistant Secretary Joe Main, center, leads Department of Labor delegation on mine tour at the Cumberland Mine, an underground coal mine.
  • The tour visit the underground mine.
    Underground, from left (facing camera) are Kevin Stricklin, Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health, Laura McClintock, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at MSHA, and Assistant Secretary Main.
  • the tour observe miners at work.
    Visitors observe mining operations at the Cumberland Mine
  • The tour is shown mining equipment.
    Assistant Secretary Main and Deputy Assistant Secretary McClintock, right, get information from mining company official.
  • Visitors pose while in underground mine shaft.
    Assistant Secretary Joe Main, second from left, with visitors underground at Cumberland Mine.
  • A miner is seen operating heavy machinery by remote while underground.
    Operating a long wall shearer by remote control.
  • Officials pose for photo in front of elevator in concrete seating area.
    MSHA, DOL, and mining company officials at the Cumberland Mine.
  • Above ground, the tour group examine a mine map posted on the wall.
    Visitors examining a mine map prior to going underground.
  • The tour is instructed on using a breathing device.
    Visitors get training prior to going underground.
Event Date: 
October 09, 2015


On Friday, October 9, Assistant Secretary Joe Main traveled underground at the Cumberland Mine in Waynesburg, PA with the newly appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Laura McClintock, along with Department of Labor’s Chief of Staff, Matthew Colangelo, Jesse Lawder from the Department’s Office of Public Affairs, and mining company officials. Joining the group from MSHA were also Kevin Stricklin, Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health and Coal District 2 Manager Thomas Light.