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Certificates of Achievement in Safety

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Since 1978, MSHA has issued Certificates of Achievement in Safety to eligible mine operators. The specific rules and requirements to qualify for a certificate this year are referenced below. This certificate is distinct from the Sentinels of Safety award, which is now sponsored solely by the National Mining Association.

Certificates of Achievement in Safety are awarded to all participating operations that have met all of the certificate criteria outlined below. Mines or quarries operated by a Federal, State, County, or Municipal agency also are eligible for Certificates of Achievement in Safety.

Certificate recipients may be recognized by MSHA at safety conferences or other gatherings, and may be identified in various publications.

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Submit verification information online or verify your eligibility 
Online submissions are required by June 30, 2017.

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For more information, you may contact us at oppedatarequestgroup@dol.gov.

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