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The Mine Act places the responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of miners on mine operators. Congress enacted the pattern of violations (POV) provision to provide MSHA with an additional enforcement tool when other tools had proven ineffective. Congress intended MSHA to use the POV provision to restore safe and healthful conditions at mines with a pattern of significant and substantial (S&S) violations. The legislative history states that Congress believed the existence of a pattern would signal to both the mine operator and the Secretary that there is a need to restore the mine to effective safe and healthful conditions and that the mere abatement of violations as they are cited is insufficient.

A mine operator that has a pattern of S&S violations at a mine will receive written notice from MSHA. For each subsequent S&S violation, MSHA will issue an order withdrawing miners from the affected area until the cited condition has been corrected. MSHA will terminate an operators POV notice when 1) an inspection of the entire mine is completed and no S&S violations are found or 2) no withdrawal order is issued by MSHA in accordance with Section 104(e)(1) of the Mine Act within 90 days of the issuance of the pattern notice.

Mine operators can determine whether they may be subject to a POV notice by using MSHAs Pattern of Violations Monitoring Tool. It is the responsibility of mine operators to track their violation and injury histories to determine whether they need to take action to avoid triggering a POV notice. Operators who are at risk of receiving a POV notice are encouraged to implement a corrective action program to reduce S&S violations. More information about corrective action programs can be found in MSHAs Pattern of Violations Procedures Summary.

Tools for You

  • Monthly Monitoring Tool for Pattern of Violations
    Enter an MSHA Mine ID :   (7 Digits - No Dash)   
    If you do not know the Mine ID, please use the Data Retrieval System.

  • S&S Rate Calculator
  • The S&S Rate Calculator is a tool for mine operators that implement a Corrective Action Program (CAP) with goals for reductions in a mines rate of Significant and Substantial (S&S) violations to determine if a mine is meeting its goals.
    The data for this application is refreshed daily.

    S&S Citations/Orders per 100 Inspection Hours - 12-month Period 01-Aug-2014 through 31-Jul-2015

    Primary Mine Type/Classification Top 35 Percentile Goal Top 50 Percentile Goal National Rate
    Facility  Coal 1.71 2.33 3.14
    Surface  Coal 1.86 2.58 3.52
    Underground  Coal 2.00 2.59 2.98
    Facility  Metal/NonMetal 4.13 5.90 8.71
    Surface  Metal/NonMetal 5.63 7.66 11.11
    Underground  Metal/NonMetal 2.43 3.21 4.60


  • Pattern of Violations Screening Criteria - 2014

  • Pattern of Violations (POV) Procedures Summary - 2013

  • 30 CFR Part 104 - Pattern Of Violations
  • PIB No 14-03 Corrective Action Programs

  • Final Rule (published January 23, 2013)

    A final rule on Pattern of Violations was published January 23, 2013, and became effective March 25, 2013. This link below is for that final rule.

  • Pattern of Violations; Final Rule (Published January 23, 2013)

  • Fact Sheet

  • Press Release

  • 1/17/2013 Conference Call Audio File (.wav)
  • Media Information


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    Fork Creek No. 1 Mine failed to report 239 days of lost-time injuries
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  • MSHA issues first POV notices under new rule
    1 mine in Kentucky and 2 mines in West Virginia receive notices
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  • Previous Releases

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