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State of Alabama Program Summary

Dr. Joel Hagood, President
Mr. Rob Dzurino, Director of Mining Safety & Technology

Bevill State Community College 
101 State Street 
Box 800
Sumiton, AL 35148

The mining industry of Alabama consists of surface and underground coal and nonmetal mining. Bevill State Community College provides training to an average of over 6500 miners each year. Special emphasis is placed on providing training to the smaller, independently operated mines which do not have the personnel or financial resources to provide their own training and are in the most need of direct training assistance. All training is designed to discuss the topics outlined in Alabama State and Federal mining regulations and incorporates accident statistics to increase awareness of potential problems and health and safety hazards. The major thrust of the program is to ensure that coal and nonmetal miners and contract employees are effectively trained in safety and health as required under 30 CFR parts 46, 48, 49, 56, 75 and 77. Special programs such as Handling Materials, Slips and Falls, Powered Haulage and Battery Safety are designed to be taught separately or as a part of part 46 and 48 retraining (Annual Refresher). Assistance is also provided to underground coal operators by providing training to meet the requirements of the Federal Diesel regulation. Alabama State and Federal certification courses are conducted to provide the miners with the knowledge necessary to successfully perform the duties required for the following certifications:

  • Surface Blasting for Alabama Surface Mining Commission;
  • Electrical Certification for Mine safety and Health Administration;
  • Underground Mine Foreman - State of Alabama;
  • Underground Fire Boss - State of Alabama;
  • Surface Mine Foreman - State of Alabama.
  • Electrical Certification for the Mine Safety and Health Administration
  • Electrical 9 hour Annual Refresher

Other training courses offered include:

  • Underground New Miner Training
  • Underground 8 hour Annual Refresher Training
  • Surface New Miner Training
  • Surface 8 hour Annual Refresher Training
  • 48 hour First Responder Training1

The training programs offered at Bevill State Community College can be taught on the campus of the school, carried to the mine site on a satellite basis, or conducted at the mine site when requested.

The training program also provides rescue and recovery service for the small mines of Alabama by providing two fully equipped and well trained mine rescue teams. The schools location in the Warrior Coal Basin allows the college to meet the criteria required by Federal regulations for reporting times in cases of mine disasters. This service is available to the Alabama small mine operators at no cost.

For more program information contact Rob Dzurino at 205-648-3271 (ext. 5225)/e-mail:; Ms. Connie Carmichael at 205-648-3271 (ext. 5433)/e-mail:; Dr. Russell Howton at 205-648-3271 (ext. 5703)/email:; Emma Rains at 205-387-0511 (ext. 5202)/e-mail:; or Ms. Jamie McCool at 205-648-5418/e-mail: