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Standards and Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is published and updated annually by the Office of the Federal Register. MSHA rules are in Title 30 of the CFR, Mineral Resources, Chapter I.

REMINDER:  Under 30 CFR §56.1000 - Notification of commencement of operations and closing of mines - before starting operations, the owner, operator, or person in charge of any metal and nonmetal mine shall notify the nearest MSHA district or field office of the approximate or actual date the mine operation will commence. Operator is defined in 30 CFR 41.1(a) as any owner, lessee, or other person who operates, controls, or supervises a coal or other mine or any designated independent contractor performing services or construction at such mine. For independent contractors, under 45.2(d), “production operator” means any owner, lessee, or other person who operates, controls or supervises a coal or other mine.”

During the last several years, MSHA has experienced issues with both dredge operators and portable crushers complying with this requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate District Manager.

30 CFR Online Edition

The electronic edition (e-CFR) of Title 30 CFR is updated regularly as final rules become incorporated into the code.
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