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Compliance and Enforcement

Access a range of directives, compliance guides and interactive advisor tools that help ensure compliance with current regulations. Learn about MSHA’s enforcement roles including mine inspections and the assessment of penalties. Find out how to pay a penalty or contest a citation.

Compliance Assistance

Browse MSHA’s directives and compliance guides, which help the mining industry comply with current MSHA rules and regulations. Also, learn how to petition MSHA to modify a mandatory safety standard, and view current and past petitions for modification.

Mine Inspections

Learn about mine inspection requirements and procedures.

Forms and Online Filing

These are the most frequently requested MSHA forms. You can complete some forms online, while you can download and print all others.

Penalty Assessments & Payments

Find out how penalties for safety and health violations are assessed.

Contesting Citations

Learn how to contest a citation, and find out how cases are settled.

Pattern of Violations

Learn how the Pattern of Violations (POV) identifies mine operators who have demonstrated a recurring pattern of Significant and Substantial violations of mandatory health and safety standards.