State of California Program Summary

Ms. Marcie Goodman Senior Engineer

Mining and Tunneling Unit
California Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Occupational Safety and Health

1750 Howe Ave Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95825


California's Mine Safety Training program will continue to enhance State and Federal mine compliance and augment training and educational systems by providing a program that will educate miners, mine contractors, and mine customers in safety and health, contribute to the reduction of lost time injuries throughout the State's mining industry, and make significant progress towards eliminating mining fatalities.

A detailed program has been developed using MSHA training guidelines and then augmenting and extending those training plans to meet the individual needs of the respective California mine operators, contractors, and customers. The State will provide health and safety training in the following areas:

  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 New Miner Training (24 hours required for New Miner Training) ;
  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training;
  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 Annual Refresher Training for surface mining;
  • Upon request, specialized training designed according to significant injury concerns, pertinent health issues, and particular areas of concern for California miners.

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