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Fatality #10 - August 20, 2009

Accident Classification: Fall of Face, Rib, Side or Highwall
Location: Mine No. 2, Virginia
Mine Type: Coal
Mine Controller: Cumberland Resources Corporation
Mined Material: Coal (Bituminous)
Incident Date/Time: August 20, 2009 - 6:18am

Fatality Alert

COAL MINE FATALITY - On Thursday, August 20, 2009, a 58 year old electrician/repairman with 33 years mining experience was fatally injured while setting timbers outby the face. He was attempting to support an overhanging brow in the belt entry at a location that had been cut out for a belt drive. A rock approximately 26 feet long by 2.5 feet wide by 5 feet high fell from the rib and struck the victim.

Final Report