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Fatality #1 - February 26, 2016

Accident Classification: Falling, Rolling, or Sliding Rock or Material of Any Kind
Location: Vista Sand, Texas
Mine Controller: RJS Holdings LLC; MWR Holdings LLC
Mine Type: Surface
Mined Material: Construction Sand and Gravel
Incident Date/Time: February 26, 2016 08:35 am

This posting serves to provide a public notice to employees of the mine, employees of the mining company(s), employees of independent contractors with any connection to the mine, persons with any connection to the mine, and any person with information regarding the cause or contributing factors of this accident.

Please provide any information to:

Homer Pricer, Lead Accident Investigator
Phone: 210.403.5943


The victim (Elvin Tyrone Terrell) was the driver of the first of four trucks to be unloaded at the mine near the primary plant. The trucks were loaded with 9 sections each of 26” OD diameter polyurethane pipe that was being delivered to the mine. Each section was 50’ long and weighed approximately 1732 pounds. The pipe was stacked in three layers of three sections. The driver unsecured the load and the first two sections of pipe off the top were removed. The driver was observed walking around the truck, a section of pipe rolled off the trailer and landed on the victim. 


METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY – On February 26, 2016, a truck driver delivering multiple sections of polyurethane pipe was struck by a section of pipe during the unloading process. A forklift removed two sections of pipe from the passenger side of the truck, and then left the area with the two sections. While the forklift was away, a single, unsecured section of pipe rolled off on the driver’s side of the truck and struck the victim. Each section of pipe was approximately 50’ long and weighed approximately 1,750 pounds. Miners began first aid but the driver was unresponsive. He was transported to the local hospital and later died.