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May 21, 2020 Fatality

Accident Classification: Hand Tools
Location: Bluff City Minerals, Madison, Illinois
Mine Type: Metal and Non-Metal
Mine Controller: Fred Weber, Inc.
Mined Material: Crushed Broken Limestone NEC
Incident Date/Time: May 21, 2020 - 12:30pm

Public Notice

This posting serves to provide a public notice to employees of the mine, employees of the mining company(s), employees of independent contractors with any connection to the mine, persons with any connection to the mine, and any person with information regarding the cause or contributing factors of this accident. Please provide any information to: 
Bub Whitfield​, Lead Investigator:  
Phone: 812-882-7617

Preliminary Report

Two miners were working to remove a 100 horsepower electric motor. They attached a 3/4 ton come-along to a steel pipe that was overhead. A chain hoist was attached between the lifting eye of the electric motor to pull the motor. As the two miners were moving the electric motor off of the motor base, the overhead steel pipe slid forward and fell striking the victim in the head and back. The victim was driven to a local hospital for treatment. The victim was treated and released from the hospital on 5/21/2020 however, he was later hospitalized on 5/23/2020 where he passed away.

Fatality Alert

MINE FATALITY – On May 21, 2020, two miners were working to hoist an electric motor from its base by anchoring a hoist to an overhead, unsecured steel pipe. The steel pipe slid out of place and struck one of the miners in the head and back. The miner died on May 23, 2020, due to complications from his injuries.

Final Report