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Diesel Equipment Inventory Q & A's

Coal mine operators who use diesel equipment may now submit required information electronically. 

Information submitted by the operator to MSHA must include the number and type of diesel-powered units used underground, including make and model of the unit, type of equipment, make and model of the engine, serial number of the engine and other specific data pertaining to the equipment. 

If MSHA finds a problem with any inventory submission, the user will be notified by e-mail. Questions concerning use of the online diesel inventory may be addressed to the MSHA "help desk" either by phone

at 1-877-778-6055 or by email at

Questions and Answers 


Q.    How does MSHA differentiate a spare engine from an engine which may be included in the diesel equipment inventory before the May 22, 2001 deadline?
  • A spare engine must be located on mine property prior to May 22, 2001, to be included on the diesel equipment inventory.
Q.    If an engine which is already listed on the diesel equipment inventory is given a new frame and body, is the equipment "newly introduced at the mine?"
  • No. If the engine was included on the diesel equipment inventory before May 22, 2001, the engine would not be "introduced" at the mine. However, the diesel equipment inventory should be amended to identify the new frame and body if it changed.
Q.    Does MSHA update the list of approved engines posted on the MSHA home page?
  • Yes. The list is updated when new engines or configurations are approved.
Q.    If an engine is sent out to be rebuilt, is it still part of the inventory when it comes back?
  • Yes.
Q.    When equipment is owned jointly by different mining companies or is bought jointly, whose responsibility is it to have it reported after it is introduced?
  • The equipment should be reported on the mine inventory for the mine in which it is used as of May 22, 2001. If the equipment is later moved to another mine, it is "newly introduced" at that mine, must be included in the mine inventory for that mine, and is subject to the requirements for "newly introduced" equipment.
Q.    If mines share specialized equipment, is it considered "introduced" equipment when it goes from one mine to another?
  • Specialized diesel-powered equipment such as petito mules, shield-hauling scoops, generators and compressors have, through past practice (prior to January 19, 2001), been shared between mines. These mines include those within the same company or mines operated by different companies that are under the same controlling entity. All such mines will be permitted to list the shared equipment on each mine's diesel inventory. The specialized equipment covers those units which perform a specific task which occurs on an infrequent basis at any one mine.
Q.    The rule requires that I notify the District Manager within 7 days of any change to my diesel equipment inventory; if I borrow or rent a piece of equipment for 5 days do I have to notify the District Manager?
  • Yes. The District Manager must be notified within 7 days, regardless of the length of time the equipment will be used at the mine. If certain equipment is used only for short periods of time, you should note that on the diesel equipment inventory and any amendments you submit. The inventory listing provides the information in regard to the applicable control device necessary to meet the DPM requirements.
Q.    Does diesel equipment covered by a purchase order dated before May 22, 2001 count as an addition to the mine's diesel inventory and not applicable to the rule?
  • Diesel equipment ordered after January 19, 2001, must be delivered to the mine no later than May 21, 2001 to be included on the diesel equipment inventory which must be submitted by May 21, 2001. Diesel equipment ordered before January 19, 2001, may be included on the diesel equipment inventory regardless of delivery date.
Q.    Does the entire fleet or only equipment effected by the May 22, 2001, date have to be included on the diesel equipment inventory submitted to the District Manager?
  • The entire fleet of diesel equipment must be included on the inventory list and submitted to the District Manager by May 21, 2001. If new equipment is brought into the mine, the inventory must be updated immediately and reported to the MSHA District Manager within 7 days.
Q.    Must the District Manager be notified when equipment leaves the mine?
  • Yes, the District Manager must be notified within 7 days of any change to the diesel equipment inventory.