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State of Florida Program Summary

Ms. Karen M. Miller, CMSP, Mining Program Manager

The Florida Mine Safety Program, (FMSP), aims to educate those who partake in mining operations by assisting mining companies and mining contractors with their health and safety training. In an effort to do so, FMSP has partnered with the Mine Safety and Health Administration, (MSHA), whose mission is to prevent death, disease and injuries in the mining industry. This is done through a variety of training courses, conferences and informational seminars offered by FMSP. These courses highlight proper emergency evacuation plans, health and safety standards and more. FMSP diligently works to ensure that miners working in both Florida Metal and Nonmetal operations are aware of the health and safety standards and are effectively trained to take precautionary measures. Through a collaborative effort, FMSP and MSHA work together to reduce the frequency and severity of mining accidents and ensure a safe environment for all. 

The Training Programs offered at the Florida Public Safety Institute can be taught on the Campus of the College or conducted at the mine site when requested.  Training Classes are scheduled to provide as much company and/or contractor-specific and mine-specific/on-site training as possible.  Training Program Content is developed in coordination with company training plans, company management and in-house safety staff to achieve the best match with their needs.

Because Spanish is the primary and sometimes only language of many miners employed within the State of Florida, a considerable portion of our training, materials and videos, is provided in Spanish to meet their needs.

The FMSH produces safety training videos focused on MSHA Initiatives, Rules to Live By, and Advisory Board recommendations.  The FMSH also publishes monthly newsletters and spotlights miners, mine rescue activities, competitions, mining operations and contractors.

The following are some of the FMSP Services that are available to the Florida Mining Industries:

  • 30 CFR Parts 46 and 48 Annual Refresher Training
  • 30 CFR Parts 46 and 48 New Miner Training
  • 30 CFR Parts 26 and 48 Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training
  • Cooperative Instructor Training, (in coordination with MSHA EFSMS)
  • Contractor Workshops, (in coordination with MSHA EFSMS)
  • 30 CFR Part 46 Competent Person Training and Refresher Training
  • Provides audit services as part of the Compliance Assistance Visits Program to assist mining organizations to comply with the provisions of 30 CFR Mandatory Health and Safety standards for Surface Metal/Nonmetal mines
  • Develop and Conduct a variety of Supervisory Training Courses to enhance the safety and health culture within mining organizations
  • MSHA Law Class (in coordination with William Gerringer, North Carolina Department of Labor)
  • ASHI First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • Surface Mining Emergency Response Training and Competition