State of Guam Program Summary

Dr. Shirley "Sam" Mabini, Director
Mr. Michael J. Rios, Special Projects Coordinator

Guam Department of Labor
414 West Soledad Avenue
Suite 400, GCIC Building
Hagåtña, Guam 96910

The Guam Department of Labor’s (GDOL) Mine Safety & Health Program aims to educate those who partake in mining operations (i.e. open-pit mine, quarry) by assisting mining companies and mining contractors with their safety training.  Training is a key component in the success of developing a safe and health work environment for employees.  It presents a great opportunity to further GDOL’s mission of safety in the workplace, regardless of what industry.

Training courses offered:

  • Comprehensive Training Workshop (30 CFR, Part 46, 47, 56 and 62)
  • Competent Person Train-the-Trainer Workshop (30 CFR, Part 46)
  • Surface New Miner Training (30 CFR, Part 48 and Part 46 Non-Coat)
  • Annual Surface Refresher (30 CFR, Part 46 Metal/Non-Metal, Part 4

Other services available:

  • Consulting with mining industry to assess the training needs of the mine sites.
  • Assisting instructors, mine operators, and contractors in developing training plans and programs.
  • Developing a mine safety and health program, which may include conducting training, conducting mine safety analysis visits
  • Evaluating instructors (e.g., visiting training classes to analyze the quality of the instruction).

For more information, contact Michael Rios at (671) 300-4090 or e-mail