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State of Illinois Program Summary

Mr. Ronnie Huff​
Director of Mines and Minerals

Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mines and Minerals
One Natural Resources Way, First Floor
Springfield, IL 62702-1271

Website: Illinois Mine Safety and Training Elements

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mines and Minerals works with the Illinois mining industry to address safety and health concerns and its goal is to help the industry educate its workforce to the hazards they will face in their work environment. Annual Refresher Training, Accident Prevention, Training Material Development, Coal Miner Certification, and Part 49 Mine Rescue Training are some components of the program.

Through the Accident Prevention Program, Agency personnel conduct "on the job" mine site safety presentations and talks. These contacts allow for several opportunities to discuss mine safety with the same personnel (miners) at a mining operation, thereby reinforcing safety training messages.

The agency provides certification training and testing for selected positions of responsibility within the State's coal industry. Coal industry employees who work in a supervisory capacity conduct pre-shift examinations or perform certain tasks such as, handling explosives or hoist operators must be deemed competent and pass an examination administered by the Agency.

Trainers from sub-grantees, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges and Rend Lake College, provide annual refresher training to the state's metal/nonmetal industry.

Illinois provides mine rescue services for the Illinois mining industry through four mine rescue stations located in Benton, Lively Grove, Harrisburg, and Springfield.

For more program information contact Mr. Jacob Gyore at (618) 439-9111 ext. 237 or email at