State of Iowa Program Summary

Dr. Jason Glass, Director
Mr. Andrew Wermes, Consultant

Bureau of Community Colleges and Career and Technical Education
Iowa Department of Education
Grimes State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146

The Iowa mine health and safety training program is conducted under the Iowa Department of Education, through the fifteen community colleges and via the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) at various sites throughout the state. The ICN is a two-way video/audio communications system connecting sites across the state. Topics included in the presentations are Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout, Haulage Equipment, Dredging Operations, Equipment Safety, Plant safety, Health Concerns (MSDS forms, Parts Cleaners, Solvents, Dust Factors, etc.), Personal safety and First Aid/CPR.

Short courses are also available to mining companies to address specific concerns which may arise and impact the day to day safe operations of the mines. These courses include:

  • Blaster's Certification Course;
  • Loading, Hauling, and Dumping Equipment;
  • Plant Safety and Machine Guarding;
  • Substance Abuse;
  • Dredging Operations;
  • First Aid/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR);
  • Confined Space Entry;
  • Personal Protective equipment/Health Concerns;
  • Silica Dust hazards;
  • Back Injury Prevention;
  • Electrical Safety;
  • Stress Management; and
  • Dust Control.

Under the Iowa grant program, mine operators may request grant personnel visit their mining operations to assist in training program development that would be site specific, job safety analysis development and implementation of employee safety awareness programs. The outreach program also enables operators to receive additional training and assistance with 30 CFR parts 56 and 57 subjects as requested.

30 CFR parts 46 and 48 training is made available, on request, to all miners and independent contractors in the state. The training sessions are available through the fifteen community colleges and may be held on campus or at the mining site. The grant training program conducts sessions for:

  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 Annual Refresher ( 8 hour);
  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training (8 hour);
  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 New Miner Training (24 hour).

The Holmes Safety Association Iowa State Council was developed by the mining industry professionals with the intention of encouraging reducing and eliminating occupational injuries and diseases among employees in Iowa's mining industries. The Holmes Safety Association Iowa state Council, with the assistance of the Iowa State Mine Safety Grant Program provides educational seminars throughout the state in communicating not only the importance of safe working practices, but also, supplies an effective network for Iowa's mining operators to draw upon as a resource in resolving safety or health challenges. Topics discussed at seminars may include:

  • Conveyor Mechanics;
  • Mobile Equipment Hazards and Safety Devices;
  • Electrical Portable vs Stationary Plants;
  • New Approaches to Safety Management;
  • Drugs and Alcohol in Mining;
  • Fall Protection;
  • Building a Safety Culture;
  • Explosives and Blasting;
  • Miners' Rights and Responsibilities Under the Mine Act of 1977;
  • Oxygen and Acetylene - Risks in Using;
  • Hidden Costs in Mine safety Accidents;
  • MSHA Record Keeping On Site;
  • Fire Warning and Fire Fighting Aspects; and
  • Participating In An MSHA Inspection: How-Who and Why.

For more program information contact Mr. Andrew Wermes at (515) 281-8353 or e-mail