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State of Louisiana Program Summary

Dean Kim Finch, Director
Northshore Technical Community College
Ms. Phyllis Walker, Program Coordinator

Northshore Technical Community College
Florida Parishes Campus
7067 Highway 10
Greensburg, Louisiana 70441

The Northshore Technical College, promotes health and safety in the Louisiana mining industry by providing mine health and safety training, other assistance, and services for the mining industry. The program serves all mine properties and contractors working on mine property. 

Training classes meet the federal training requirements for Part 46 New Miner, Newly Experienced Miner, and Annual Refresher training. Classes which meet the standards under 30 CFR, parts 56 and 57 for First Aid and CPR training are also conducted for miners and contractors. 

For more program information and to schedule training contact Ms. Phyllis Walker at (985) 545-1706 or email: phylliswalker2@northshorecollege.edu.