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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Program Summary 

Michael Flanagan, Director
Departments of Labor and Standards

Departments of Labor and Standards
19 Staniford Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Recognizing the importance of refresher training in deterring mining accidents and equipping miners with sufficient information to enable them to recognize actual and potential safety and health hazards at their work sites and to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their co-workers from those hazards, the State of Massachusetts provides 30 CFR part 46 training for the miners, mine operators, and contract employees working at mining operations throughout the State. In addition to the topics required in part 46 classes, the program presents a special emphasis on the predisposing factors for mining fatalities in the metal and nonmetal mining industry (powered haulage, equipment, machinery, slips/trips and falls, and electrical, handling materials, confined space entry procedures, silica exposure and noise).

The Division of Occupational Safety, under the Massachusetts Departments of Labor and Workforce Development also conducts consultative health and safety site inspections targeting mine sites which are considered (1) small operations, (2) mining operations with higher accident experiences, and (3) operations with histories of uncorrected mine safety and health violations. All areas of work sites which are used by or are accessible to workers are inspected for compliance with MSHA, OSHA (health and safety only) and State standards.

The program has a special emphasis to reach contract workers due to their disproportionate high percentage of mining fatalities nationwide. Contractors are notified by mailings, and through mining operations which use the contract workers, of training sessions which are conducted throughout the State.

For more program information contact Mr. Michael Flanagan at (617) 626-6958.