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Mines issued POV Notifications

Mines Issued POV Notifications
Mine ID Mine Name Operator Name Controller Name Date Issued Termination Date
4609180 Apache Mine The New West Virginia Mining Company Brandy M Horvath 4/12/2011 7/20/2016
1519132 Abner Branch Rider Bledsoe Coal Corporation James River Coal Company 4/12/2011 7/21/2016
4609086 Black Stallion UG Mine Brody Mining LLC Patriot Coal Corporation 10/24/2013 10/20/2015
4608878 Affinity Mine Pocahontas Coal Company LLC Metinvest B V 10/24/2013 8/30/2018
1518884 Tram Mine #1 Tram Energy LLC Jason D Ousley 10/24/2013 5/5/2014
4608763 Fork Creek No 1 Coal River Mining LLC James O Bunn; Franklin D Robertson 11/26/2013 2/17/2017
0503528 Revenue Mine Star Mine Operations, LLC Rory Williams; James Williams 9/25/2014 10/1/2014
1600970 Weeks Island Mine and Mill Morton Salt, Inc. SCIH Salt Holdings, Inc. 12/1/2022  
1600352 Gramercy Operation Atalco Gramercy LLC DADA Holdings LLC; Concord Resources Ltd. 7/6/2023