State of Mississippi Program Summary 

Mr. Gary Rikard, Executive Director
Mr. James Matheny, Director,
Mining and Reclamation Division

Department of Environmental Quality
Attention: State Grants Section
515 E. Amite Street 
P.O. Box 2249
Jackson, MS 39225

Under the Department of Environmental Quality, the Mississippi training program assists mine operators and mine contractors with their health and safety training and retraining in an effort to eliminate fatal mining accidents and injuries and to reduce the frequency and severity of mining accidents. The thrust of the program is to ensure that the miners and contractors are trained in the subjects required under 30 CFR, parts 46, 48 and 56.

Courses offered include:

  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48 Annual Refresher Training;
  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48 New Miner Training;
  • 30 CFR, Part 56 (First Aid).

For more program information contact James Matheny at (601) 961-5515 or E-Mail James_Matheny@deq.state.ms.us.