State of Missouri Program Summary 

Mr. Thomas French, Division Deputy Director/Program Manager
Division of Labor Standards, Mine and Cave Safety

Department of Labor & Industrial Relations
P. O. Box 449
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0449

The Missouri Mine and Cave Safety and Health Training Program is committed to eliminating fatalities and reducing injuries and illness through quality, innovative training and education and enforcement of Missouri mining regulations.

Our staff of well qualified and experienced Certified Safety Professionals and Certified MSHA Instructors tailors training to meet the specific needs of each participant, especially small mining operations and contractors. Our program focuses on providing training in the recognition and avoidance of hazards that cause or contribute to fatalities, injury or illness and emphasize mandatory safety and health standards including miners' rights and the responsibility of supervisors. Courses included in training are:

  • 30 CFR — Annual Refresher Training; Parts 46, 48a and 48b
  • 30 CFR — New Miner Training; Parts 46, 48a and 48b
  • Newly Hired Experienced Miner Parts 46, 48a and 48b
  • 30 CFR — Parts 56, 57 and 77
  • Cooperative Instructor Training Certification and Qualification
  • 30 CFR Part 62 Noise
  • 30 CFR — Mine Rescue Training Part 49
  • Basic Miner and On the Job Training

Other services offered through the Missouri Mine and Cave Safety and Health section are:

  • Compliance Assistance Visits
  • Mine Plan development and submission for approval
  • Mandatory harmful airborne contaminant surveys (dust sampling)
  • Part 62 Noise surveys
  • Development and sharing of training resources

All miners and operators are encouraged to participate in the Southeast Missouri Mine Safety
Association (SEMMSA), and the Holmes Safety Association that will allow the Division of Labor
Standards to officially recognize the dedication and effort of the safest mines in Missouri and award them for their accomplishments.
For more program information contact Mr. Thomas French at 573-751-1422 or email Thomas.french@labor.mo.gov