MNM Serious Accident Alert Surface - Working Alone

Surface – Cement – A miner had just finished welding on the plant’s crusher and decided to jump from the next to the last step of a fixed ladder to reach the ground. When the victim hit the ground, he fell backwards and was impaled by a pry bar that was left standing upright on the ground. The victim suffered severe injuries as a result of this accident.

MNM Serious Accident Alert Surface- Working Alone
Best Practices: 

• Examine your work area for potential hazards.
• Always use the “Three Points of Contact” method during ascent, descent, and while working on a ladder: The climber must face the ladder and have two hands and one foot OR two feet and one hand in contact with the ladder steps, rungs and/or side rails.
• Never skip a step when ascending or descending ladders.
• Store tools in their proper location after completing a job.
• Don’t take shortcuts.