State of Montana Program Summary 

Diana Ferriter, Administrator
Employment Relations Division
Mr. Bryan Page, Bureau Chief
Safety and Health Bureau, Division of Employment Relations

Department of Labor and Industry
1805 Prospect
PO Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-1728

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Mine Section conducts mine health and safety training for the Montana small mining operations. The training is provided at centralized locations throughout the State on a pre-scheduled basis. The training is available to coal, metal/nonmetal and sand & gravel operators or mine contractors. 

The Montana program provides mandatory training for miners and mine contractors in the following courses:

  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48, Annual Refresher Training; 
  • 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48, New Miner Training; and 
  • 30 CFR, Part 56, 57 & 75.

In addition to the mandatory training courses, the Montana training program provides health and safety awareness and utilizes a variety of methods to impart the information to appropriate mining personnel throughout the state. Some additional classes we provide include: 

  • Medic First Aid; 
  • MSHA Training Plan Development classes & assistance;
  • Part 48 Mine Instructor Training

For more program information contact Mr. Bryan Page at (406) 444-6401, e-mail or Mr. Jerry Laughery at (406) 444-1797, email