State of New York Program Summary

Dr. Eileen Franko, Director, Division of Safety and Health
Mr. Robert Francis, Program Manager, Mine Safety Training Program

New York Department of Labor
Building #12, State Office Campus, Room 168
Albany, NY 12240-0100

The New York Department of Labor conducts a comprehensive mine safety and training program through the Mine Safety Training Program for the New York mining industry. This industry comprises a wide range of minerals, metals and nonmetals. Products include commodities such as zinc, garnet, peat, gypsum, clay, aluminum, wollastonite, cement, and salt. Nonmetals mined include dimension stone, granite, slate, crushed stone, and sand and gravel. Each of these mining industries are served by the Mine Safety Training Program by tailoring the training presented to meet the specific needs of the mining operations.

The overall goal of the Mine Safety Training Program is the reduction of lost time accidents and decreased severity of all accidents in the New York Mining industry. Within this goal is the objective of eliminating the probability of a mining fatality for the mine operators served by the training program. Some of the services provided to the New York mining industry include

  • 30 CFR parts 46 Annual Refresher Training;
  • Mine Awareness Training (MAT) on the prevention of Silicosis and other dust related illnesses in mining, on the prevention of accidents involving powered haulage;
  • 30 CFR part 45 Contractor/Hazard Training; and
  • Comprehensive Supervisory Training for all mine managers, supervisors and competent persons.

Mine Awareness Training consists of a series of two to four hour courses that follow recommended MSHA guidelines in the areas of : Haulage Safety, Front End Loader Safety, Blasting Safety, Rim and Tire Safety, Bin and Hopper Safety, Electrical Safety, Confined Space Entry, Seat Belt and Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Special presentations for the reduction of accidents involving powered haulage equipment and the prevention of silicosis and other dust related illnesses will also be included in MAT training classes.

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