MNM Close Call Accident Alert Blasting - Fly Rock During A Blast

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Limestone mine - During a blast, fly rock left the mine site and struck the windshield of a pick-up truck traveling by on a public road near the mine site. The driver and the passenger both received minor injuries. 

Fallen rocks over side of ride with long drop
Unassuming side of road that has sudden and long drop
Best Practices: 
  • Consider mine specific conditions and rock strata when designing blasts to prevent fly rock. Closely follow mine policies and procedures through all phases
  • of the blasting operation.
  • Maintain and use all available methods of communication, such as sirens and radios, to warn persons of impending blasting operations.
  • Schedule blasting between shifts or on off-shifts. Utilize suitable blast shelters for all persons at the mine site during blasting.
  • Take special precautions to ensure that all roadways and regularly traveled areas are blocked to prevent access by persons unaware of an impending blast.