MNM Safety Alert - April is one of the Deadliest Months

April is one of the Deadliest Months in the Metal and Nonmetal Mining Industry

The beginning of spring in the metal and nonmetal mining industry signals the startup of mines that were idled during the winter months. Often when these operations
recommence, they begin with new employees who are new to the mining environment.

The new workforce, along with miners performing unfamiliar tasks, has resulted in the month of April being the second deadliest month in the MNM mining industry with a total
of 50 fatals since 2000.


  •  Establish safe work procedures
  •  Follow manufacturers’ recommendations
  •  Secure, block and/or chock equipment against movement
  •  Discuss all hazards and correct them before starting work
  •  Alert employees to the hazards
  •  Keep training up to date
  •  Task train employees

Task Analysis and Work Place Examinations

  • Conduct a workplace examination of the area before youstart to work
  • Analyze the job before beginning work
  • Hazards associated with the job should be properlycommunicated, before starting work
  • Make sure appropriate tools are available for the job/use them 
six images of accident scenes