MNM Serious Accident Alert Plant - Clean Out

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Crushed & Broken Stone mine - Miner entered the impact crusher to remove a blockage. Rocks fell from the feeder above and engulfed him up to his knees. Afterward, two miners entered the crusher and freed him. 

Two miners looking into a hatch
Best Practices: 
  • Establish and follow safe job procedures that mitigate hazards when unplugging discharge chutes.
  • Evaluate a task before performing work.
  • Position yourself in a safe location where you are not exposed to hazards.
  • Never enter a location where unexpected or unanticipated sliding material could entrap you.
  • Close supply and discharge points and wear a safety harness and lanyard, which is securely anchored, prior to entering bins, hoppers, tanks, or silos.
  • Use Lock - Tag - Try whenever: Placing any part of one’s body where it could be injured by moving machinery parts or release of stored energy (hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, steam, springs, objects that could fall or pivot).