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Equipment Alert: Manufacturer Notice – Damascus Transporter Brake Retrofit Kit

Notice to Customers:

To whom it may concern,

If your Damascus Corporation MAC-10D transporter has a PO13X4 Brake Valve (pictured above, used for braking and towing of the vehicle) without a brake pedal beside the tram pedals your MAC-10D does not comply with 30 CFR 75.1909(b)(6). We are offering a brake retrofit kit that has been reviewed by MSHA and found acceptable to comply with the regulation. Under certain circumstances it is possible for the braking circuit to malfunction and prevent the activation of the braking system. The malfunction may be either the unintentional activation of the manual brake release plunger or a fault in the shutdown brake activation solenoid circuit. Either option may not allow the brake pressure to be released which is required to activate the SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release) style brakes. The kit includes a separate brake pedal assembly, the required hoses, fittings, and instructions on how to mount and install the kit. The brake pedal assembly will be connected upstream of the manual brake release valve and the solenoid valve. The pedal will override both valves to activate the braking system. The brake pedal assembly has been modified with a longer clevis pin and stainless steel cotter key so that a failure of any single component does not result in a loss of service braking. A regular off-the-shelf brake pedal assembly will not comply with 30 CFR 75.1909(b)(6). The PO13X4 Brake Valve is located on the front firewall. Please see the attached pictures to determine if your MAC-10D transporter has this style valve without a modified brake pedal beside the tram pedals. Please E-mail Richard Mullins at or call 276-645-2306 for price and availability of the retrofit kit.

Thank You,
Wolf Hills Fabricators, LLC. DBA Damascus Corporation 26161 Old Trail Rd., Ste. 2
Abingdon, VA. 24210-7631