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Fatality #9 - June 19, 2017

Accident Classification: Powered Haulage
Location: Oak Grove Mine, Alabama
Mine Type: Coal
Controller: ERP Compliant Fuels, LLC
Mined Material: Coal (Bituminous)
Incident Date: June 19, 2017 - 6:26pm
Time of Death: June 19, 2017 - 9:30pm

Public Notice

This posting serves to provide a public notice to employees of the mine, employees of the mining company(s), employees of independent contractors with any connection to the mine, persons with any connection to the mine, and any person with information regarding the cause or contributing factors of this accident.

Please provide any information to:

Philip A. Ingram, Lead Accident Investigator
Phone: 205.424.0247

Preliminary Report

On Tuesday, June 19, 2017, a 32-year-old preshift examiner caught a ride on a 20 ton locomotive. At approximately 625 p.m., the locomotive lost control on a long grade, and the victim was thrown or jumped from the moving locomotive striking his head. First aid was applied and the victim was transported to the University ofAlabama-Birmingham hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The locomotive operator received nonfatal injuries. 

Fatality Alert

COAL MINE FATALITY - On June 19, 2017, a 32-year-old preshift examiner was fatally injured when he was thrown or jumped from a moving locomotive.  Two locomotives (front and rear) were being used to transport three supply cars into the mine.  The examiner was riding in the passenger seat of the front locomotive when the operators lost control on a grade and the front locomotive and the first two supply cars derailed.