MNM Serious Accident Alert Plant - Shop

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Surface – Iron Ore - A mechanic was working on a Cushman utility vehicle due to an intermittent propel issue. The utility vehicle’s front end was in the air on two jack stands and the mechanic was working under the front end troubleshooting. When the mechanic connected two wires, the utility vehicle started and drove off the stands and landed on him. The utility vehicle then traveled over twenty feet with the mechanic underneath and stopped when it came into contact with a toolbox. Mechanics in the shop responded and used a nearby forklift to lift the vehicle off the victim. The mechanic was transported to a local hospital and treated for serious injuries.

MNM serious accident alert Plant - Shop
Best Practices: 

• Turn the engine off, place the transmission in neutral, set the park brake and always make sure the equipment is securely blocked against motion before performing repair or maintenance work.
• Always follow established work procedures from your company and equipment manufacturers. If you're unsure how to safely perform a task, ask your supervisor.
• Conduct a Risk Assessment to evaluate all tasks and identify potential hazards before performing maintenance work.