MNM Serious Accident Alert Plant - Fall Protection

Plant – Iron Ore – On September 6, 2016, the supports for a conveyor gallery failed while a cleaning crew was washing/removing spillage from the walkways inside the gallery. The movement was significant enough to cause one of the workers to fall through a newly created hole in the floor; however, his fall was arrested by his personal fall protection equipment. The worker did experience minor injuries because of the fall arrest.

MNM serious accident alert Plant - Fall protection
Best Practices: 

• Wear fall protection where there is a danger of falling.
• Conduct a risk analysis before starting a task to identify hazards and implement measures to ensure persons are properly protected.
• Train all personnel to help them recognize potential hazards and understand procedures to safely perform tasks.
• Conduct structural inspections periodically.
• Monitor work tasks to reinforce safe procedures and obtain feedback from employees on the use of fall protection systems to ensure their commitment.