MNM Serious Accident Alert Surface - Loader

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Surface Traprock – A loader operator was travelling down a 14% sloped roadway in a small articulated open-station loader which was equipped with ROPS and a seat belt. The operator was cleaning a shallow drainage ditch and rebuilding the washed-out berm behind the ditch. While watching the left side of the bucket and trying to maintain grade alignment with the roadway, a 1’ by 1’ by 2’ rock slid between the right side of the bucket and the front tire. The operator did not see the rock and when the right front tire ran over the rock, it caused the loader to tip to the left. The loader landed on the left side in the roadway. The operator was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. 

dozer turn on its side
Best Practices: 
  • Always be attentive to changes in ground conditions and visibility when operating machinery.
  • Maintain control of self-propelled mobile equipment while it is inmotion.
  • Always wear a seat belt when operating mobile equipment.
  • Task train mobile equipment operators adequately and ensure each operator can demonstrate proficiency in all phases of mobile equipment operation before performing work.
  • Stay alert, stay awake, and pay attention to the task.