MNM Close Call Accident Alert Underground - Rock Fall

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Underground Gold Mine – Two miners were trapped behind a back/roof fall when they could not safely exit their workplace. The roof fall was from rib to rib and extended approximately 15 feet in length and 5 feet high. The miners were safely removed from the area after being trapped for over four hours with no reported injuries.

broken roof netting
Best Practices: 
  • Train all miners and supervisors to conduct thorough examinations of the back/roof where persons will be working and traveling.
  • Correct all hazardous conditions before allowing persons to work or travel in such areas.
  • Provide additional support when back/roof fractures, or other abnormalities are detected.
  • Be alert for changing conditions, especially after activities that could cause back/roof disturbance. Report abnormal back/roof conditions to mine management.
  • Adequately support or scale any loose back/roof material from a safe location. Use a bar of suitable length and design when scaling.
  • Danger off hazardous areas until appropriate corrective measures can be taken.