State of Oklahoma Program Summary 

Ms. Mary Ann Pritchard, Director
Oklahoma Department of Mines
Mr. Aaron Farris, Director
Oklahoma Miner Training Institute

Oklahoma Miner Training Institute
c/o EOSC - Baker Hall
1301 West Main
Wilburton, OK 74578

Through the Oklahoma Department of Mines, the Oklahoma Miner Training Institute provides training for the coal industry and the metal and nonmetal industry in Oklahoma. The training courses are conducted either at the Oklahoma Miner Training Institute, which is located at Eastern Oklahoma State College, vo-tech schools, or at the mine sites.

Classes offered include:

  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 Annual Refresher Training;
  • 30 CFR parts 46 and 48 New Miner Training;
  • Certification and Qualification Training and Testing for Surface Safety for Blasters, Oklahoma Certified Supervisors and Electrical Training;
  • 30 CFR parts 56 and 57, First Aid Training; and
  • MSHA Approved Mine Instructor Training.

Each year the Annual Oklahoma Mine Health and Safety Conference is sponsored by the Oklahoma Miners' Training Institute to provide the mining industry with greater health and safety awareness. Topics for conference workshops address Respirator Use, Electrical Safety, Work Place Examination, Bloodborne Pathogens Update, Powered Haulage Accident Prevention, Contractors working in Mining Operations, Safety Equipment Demonstrations, Drugs in the Workplace, Stress in the Workplace, and Waste/Stockpile Safety.

For more program information contact Mr. Aaron Farris at (918) 465-1872 or e-mail AFarris@eosc.edu.