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Criteria to Certify Coal Mine Rescue Teams

September 1, 2020


Mine Safety and Health Administration

Criteria to Certify Coal Mine Rescue Teams

Underground coal mine operators must designate at least two mine rescue teams to provide mine rescue coverage at an underground coal mine at all times when miners are underground.  The Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response (MINER) Act of 2006 requires coal mine operators to annually certify the qualifications of these designated teams.  The criteria for certifying the qualifications of coal mine rescue teams under 30 CFR 49.50 include the requirements that members are:

(1) Properly trained annually,

(2) Familiar with the operations of each covered mine,

(3) Participating in at least two local mine rescue contests annually,

(4) Participating in mine rescue training at each covered mine, and

(5) Knowledgeable about the operations and ventilation of each covered mine.

The MINER Act requires MSHA to update these criteria every 5 years.  After a review of these criteria, MSHA has determined that these criteria are still appropriate and that no changes are necessary.