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Peer Review Agenda


Under the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review, Federal Agencies must post an agenda describing their plans for external peer review of scientific information and assessments that the Agency intends to disseminate. This page lists scientific products under development that MSHA plans to have peer reviewed in the near term. The entries below include links to any draft documents that are available to the public. To obtain a copy of the OMB Bulletin, click here.


A peer review agenda will be updated periodically; Related announcements will appear in the "What's New" section on MSHA's home page.

The public will be invited to submit comments on the agenda. Comments can be submitted by any of the following methods:

Facsimile: 202-693-9441. Include "Peer Review" in the subject line of the message.
Regular Mail: MSHA, Office of Standards, Regulations, and Variances, 201 12th Street South, 4th floor West, Arlington, Virginia 22202.
Hand Delivery or Courier: MSHA, Office of Standards, Regulations, and Variances, 201 12th Street South, 4th floor West, Arlington, Virginia 22202. Sign in at the receptionist's desk on the 4th floor.

Because comments submitted to the docket are available for public inspection, the Agency cautions interested parties against including any personal information such as social security numbers or birthdates. Please note that MSHA will not respond to individual comments; if you have questions, please contact the office indicated on each agenda entry.

All comments will be available for inspection and copying in the MSHA Docket Reading Roome at the address above. Most comments will be posted on MSHA's Web page. Contact MSHA, Office of Standards, Regulations, and Variances at (202) 693-9440 for information on materials not available on the MSHA Web page and for assistance in using this Web page to locate docket submissions.

Peer Review Agenda

Based on the review it has conducted, MSHA believes that it does not currently produce or sponsor the distribution of influential scientific information (including Highly Influential Scientific Assessments) within the definitions promulgated by OMB.  As a result, at this time MSHA has no agenda of forthcoming influential scientific disseminations to post on its website in accordance with OMB's Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review.