State of Rhode Island Program Summary 

Dr. Jacob Kovel, Chair
Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management

Central Connecticut State University
School of Technology
Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050

Connecticut and Rhode Island are contiguous and share the same basic geology. In addition to the same minerals being mined and processed, the products produced (primarily aggregates for the road building and concrete industries) are virtually the same due to state and local building codes for material specifications. These facts allow the qualified and experienced instructors working with the Connecticut training project, under the Central Connecticut State University, to work effectively with Rhode Island's operators, miners and contractors working at Rhode Island mining operations to provide quality mine safety and health training. 

This program, educates, trains, and retrains miners employed in the public and private sectors in the State in order to reduce mining injuries, occupational illnesses, and to help eliminate mining fatalities. It assists mine operators in developing safety and health programs, and is a training material resource. Topics for instruction are based upon the State's and National injury/illness statistics and MSHA targeted areas. The priority topics for 30 CFR, parts 46 and 48 are:

  • Powered Haulage;
  • Prevention of Silicosis;
  • Machinery (Guarding);
  • Hand and power tools;
  • Prevention of Hearing Loss;
  • Materials Handling;
  • State and Federal Laws, including "Miners' Rights";
  • Accident Prevention, especially slips, trips, and falls;
  • First Aid and CPR;
  • Ground Controls/Stock Piles; and
  • Hazard Recognition.

In addition to the topics above, explosives, hoisting, bloodborne pathogens, and confined spaces will also be taught when appropriate. 

For more information contact Dr. Jacob Kovel at (860) 832-0192 or Dr. Stuart Bennett at
(860) 250-7233 or e-mail BennettS@ccsu.edu.