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Health Resource

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Type of Resource: Provider Locator Tool

Description: The ASHA ProFind tool is your connection to thousands of ASHA-Certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists.  The ProFind helps you search for providers by state, area of expertise, bilingual services, and other preferences.  If you’re not sure which type of provider you need, ASHA offers guidance to help you choose and if you need to verify a provider’s certification, the site offers a credential confirmation tool.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Health Administration Facilities

Type of Resource: Resource Locator

Description: This locator site allows you to search all VHA facilities within a selected geographic area for a desired service.  You can use the interactive map along with the dropdown menus to find the facility and/or service you need to access. 

HRSA Health Centers

Type of Resource: Resource Locator & Data Warehouse

Description: This locator helps you search for Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-funded health centers by location.  Check out this page if you’re interested in learning more about the Health Center Program and its benefits for underserved populations.

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

Type of Resource: Resource Locator & Treatment/Community Group

Description: This treatment locator helps you search for mental health or substance abuse treatment and resources by state, specific services provided, form of payment, and other preferences.  The site also offers a variety of other related information, crisis hotline phone/text numbers, and links to video tutorials.

NIOSH Certified B Readers 

Type of Resource: Program Information & List Search

Description: The program information page provides an overview of chest radiographic imaging as a tool for medical screening and worker health. It also discusses the B Reader program and certification.  The searchable list of B Readers is a continuously updated listing of physicians located throughout the United States who have successfully completed the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) B Reader examination within the last four years.  You can search for a specific reader by name, or get a list of readers for a specific state or the entire country.

The Black Lung Data & Resource Center

Type of Resource: Data & Resource Center

Description: This website is the result of a cooperative agreement between the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the Health Resources and Services Administration.  Its links open brochures listing black lung clinic locations in specific mining regions. 

Black Lung Clinic Program

Type of Resource:  Treatment & Community Programs

Description: The HRSA clinic program provides outreach, primary care, education, and other services to active, inactive, retired, and disabled US coal miners with job-related coal mine dust lung disease. This page includes information on the program and links to other pages and resources

NIOSH-Approved Health Facilities

Type of Resource: Resource Locator & Map

Description: This locator site allows you to search all NIOSH approved facilities within a selected geographic area for radiograph and/or spirometry services.  You can use the interactive map along with the dropdown menus to find the facility (stationary or mobile) and/or service you need to access.