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MSHA Social Media Toolkit

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MSHA's Stand Down to Save Lives on May 17 is a nationwide event that encourages the nationʼs mining community to take steps to prevent injuries and illnesses and stop an alarming rise in the number of miners killed on the job so far this year. We hope you'll join us in spreading our key messages! Remember to tag @MSHA_DOL on Twitter and @MineSafetyAndHealth on Facebook.





Before Stand Down to Save Lives

  • We are participating in Stand Down to Save Lives to [insert reason]. Join us! #StandDownToSaveLives     
  • This year, we're taking part in Stand Down to Save Lives by [list activities]. To pledge your commitment visit: #StandDownToSaveLives

During Stand Down to Save Lives (5/14-5/20) 

Kick-off Message and Commitment to Prevent Fatalities, Injuries and Illnesses in Mining

  • [Organization Name] is proud to be a [participant/partner] of Stand Down to Save Lives. Join us in using the hashtag #StandDownToSaveLives and sharing your commitment to mine safety and health.     
  • We are committed to prioritizing miners' safety and health because [insert reason]. Join [Organization Name] for #StandDownToSaveLives 2023!     
  • Workplace safety and health are essential to us at [Organization Name]. #StandDownToSaveLives [Share an image that represents your organization's commitment to safety and health.]     
  • Why is mine safety and health training important? Listen to what our leadership has to say. #StandDownToSaveLives [Get someone in leadership at your organization to share "Why they care about safety and health training."]

Mine Owners/Operators

  • Our mine workers are trained in proper safety and health practices at [Organization Name]. Let's continue to #StandDownToSaveLives.     
  • We involve all our mine workers in safety and health programs at [Organization Name]. One of the things we've learned is [insert lesson].     
  • At [Organization Name], we understand the importance of training mine workers for safety. We have pledged to assist in training our nation's mine workers.

Management Leadership (Pledge)

  • The leadership team at [Organization Name] is prioritizes miners' safety and health. That's why we're joining @MSHA_DOL for #StandDownToSaveLives. Pledge your commitment at [Share a picture of participant badge]     
  • [Organization Name] recognizes that management leadership is a crucial element of a mine safety and health program.  We're joining the #StandDownToSaveLives because are committed to leading by example.     
  • At [Organization Name], we understand the importance of mine safety and health. We pledge to [insert pledge item].     

    Learn more about #StandDownToSaveLives at

Finding and Fixing Hazards 

  • Finding and fixing hazards is critical to us at [Organization Name] because [insert reason]. #StandDownToSaveLives                                
  • [Organization Name] aims to create a safe workplace and uses @MSHA_DOL best practices to identify and fix hazards. Learn more about our commitment to mine safety and health at #StandDownToSaveLives  

After Stand Down To Save Lives Week

  • [Organization Name] had excellent participation during #StandDownToSaveLives 2023! Check out some of our favorite moments.  [Include photos from your events]                               
  • At [Organization Name], we believe safety should always come first and that it needs to be a part of daily conversations. That's why we joined #StandDownToSaveLives and why we'll continue prioritizing safety all year long. [Include photos from your events]